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Family Trust Elections Online Seminar

All practitioners must decide whether a trust client needs to make a Family Trust Election ('FTE').

A family trust election is a critical decision that has long standing implications.

We walk you through the important considerations when making family trust and interposed entity elections.  We examine the benefits of making an election, nominating the right test individual and the restrictions that also exist.  

We cover everything you need to know!

Our seminar addresses the following key issues:

  • Tax benefits associated with making an FTE
  • Who should be the test individual for the trust?
  • Implications/restrictions associated with making an FTE
  • What are the requirements for making a valid FTE?
  • Practical guidance with entities making an interposed entity election

Complete with comprehensive notes filled with examples and practical explanations, along with numerous tips and traps.  This seminar will provide you with detailed knowledge of how to incorporate Family Trust Elections into your practice.


Benefits of purchasing this seminar: 

  • PDF copy of our comprehensive seminar notes
  • 2 hours of CPD 

Our Family Trust Elections Online Seminar is presented by Andrew Gardiner and Nick Connell on behalf of the NTAA


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