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National Tax Agents' Association (NTAA PLUS)

Fellows (where eligible) may also apply for stapled fellowship of NTAA PLUS at no extra cost.  

NTAA PLUS has received accreditation from the Tax Practitioners' Board (TPB) as a Recognised Tax Agent Association or RTAA. 

When registering as tax agents, fellows of NTAA PLUS will have their professional qualifications and experience recognised.

NTAA PLUS Members, must undertake a Continuing Professional Education (‘CPE’) programme within a three year registration period in accordance with the requirements set out for Tax Agents by the TPB.  

The table below outlines the CPE hours required by the TPB:

90 hours CPE over 3 year registration

At least 67.5 hours - Structured 

All NTAA seminars are classed as structured professional development for all accounting associations. 

Maximum 22.5 hours – Unstructured
(Technical or Professional Reading)

Reading the NTAA’s Voice magazine, Seminar Notes, etc., are considered unstructured hours 

  • A minimum of 10 hours must be completed each year.  
  • The CPE period will begin on the date the NTAA PLUS Membership is registered and ends on the date the NTAA PLUS registration expires in respect of that registration.


NTAA has an area in the Members section of the website for NTAA PLUS Members to update their CPD register to include both structured and unstructured hours and CPE/CPD hours fulfilled with other association.

Professional Indemnity (‘PI’) Insurance 

Members of NTAA PLUS must maintain PI insurance that meets the TPB’s requirements during your period of registration as a tax agent  (please click here for more information about PI insurance on the TPB’s website).

The table below outlines the PI Insurance required by the TPB:



(excluding GST)

Minimum aggregate amount of cover*

(inclusive of legal and defence costs)


Up to $75,000



$75,001 - $500,000



Over $500,000



*Please note that what is an appropriate amount of cover for you may in fact be more than what is set as the minimum requirement.