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About our Seminars

NTAA runs a wide range of tax-based seminars annually, both as a face to face and an online option. These include FBT, Tax Schools Day 1 and Day 2, Superannuation Schools Day 1 and Day 2 and a range of Basics seminars.

Most attendees are members of the NTAA who have come to rely on the practical presentations by the NTAA's lead presenters. We pride ourselves on the quality of the extensive notes, which are packed with examples, case studies, precedent documents and practical checklists.

The NTAA consultants who stand behind and help write these seminars, advise on every facet of taxation including income tax, FBT, CGT and GST. The NTAA runs a Tax Hotline for its members to interface with the technical staff at the NTAA. This produces a wealth of knowledge surrounding current and popular practical problems that are facing practitioners. The NTAA's seminars are therefore always at the cutting edge and are designed to address those problems in a practical format.

Seminar Notes

Attendees to all NTAA seminars receive seminar notes and specialty software that are unparalleled in their quality.  Our seminar notes provide practical, easy-to-understand explanations on the key developments, along with valuable flowcharts, checklists and summary tables that make accessing key information easy. 

Savings to Members

Members receive up to a $100 discount per day, per seminar off the full day price charged to non-members. Staff and clients can attend at the same discounted price.

If more than one delegate from the same practice attends under the one registration, a discount will apply to the second and subsequent delegates.  The first delegate pays the full registration fee.

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Cancellation or Transfers

It's necessary to charge a fee when confirmed bookings are cancelled.  However, a substitute participant will be accepted. If a substitute is not nominated, a cancellation fee of $100 will be applied.

The NTAA reserves the right to cancel or reschedule courses, change speakers or revise content as necessary.


Cancellation Policy (in relation to online and live streamed seminar)

  • If the registrant has not accessed the seminar or materials, a full refund/credit will be available.
  • If either the seminar or materials have been accessed there will be no refund/credit available.
  • There will be no refund/credit available 90 days after purchase.

Cancellation Policy (in relation to face to face seminar bookings)

It may be necessary to charge a fee when confirmed seminar bookings (see below) are cancelled.  However, as an alternative to cancelling, a substitute participant will be accepted, or the amount paid for the seminar may be transferred to another NTAA seminar.  If a substitute is not nominated, or the seminar is not transferred, a cancellation fee of $100 will be applied.

More than 5 full working days before the seminar:

  • cancellations incur a $100 administration fee.

Within 5 full working days before the seminar:

  • no refunds will be available for cancellations, although a full set of notes will be provided. 



There is no charge if a participant is substituted for a member that cannot attend on a particular day.

More than 2 full working days before the seminar:

  • the amount charged may be transferred to any other currently advertised NTAA seminar without incurring the $100 administration fee.

Within 2 full working days before the seminar:

  • transfers incur an administration fee of $100.

Noise & Recording Policy

Attendees should be aware that in agreeing to attend the seminar, they must abide by the NTAA Noise Policy which specifically prohibits noise distraction to attendees and presenters, such as mobile phone use during the seminar, etc.

The NTAA reserves all rights to photograph, film or otherwise record the seminar, and seminar attendees consent to being photographed, filmed and/or recorded. Any unauthorised photography, audio or video recording of any performance at the seminar is strictly prohibited. Any person who fails to adhere to this condition agrees to delete any such unauthorised photograph or recording and that they may be asked to leave the seminar venue.