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The Essential Guide to Setting Up and Paying a Pension in an SMSF

A range of superannuation and tax obligations are imposed on SMSF trustees when setting up and paying a pension from an SMSF.

Failing to comply with any of these obligations can result in adverse consequences for an SMSF and a member.

This online seminar will address the key practical issues that you and your SMSF clients need to know when setting up and paying a pension from an SMSF. 

We also examine NEW ATO guidelines that will affect the payment of a pension from an SMSF.

Our seminar addresses the following key issues:

  • How to correctly value a pension and its components
  • An NTAA practical guide on how to document a pension
  • How to avoid costly mistakes under the transfer balance cap rules
  • Making the right choice between a reversionary and non-reversionary pension
  • A practical guide on how to comply with the pension standards
  • Common tips and traps with stopping and starting a pension
  • How to correctly deal with a TRIS that moves into retirement phase


Benefits of purchasing this seminar: 

  • PDF copy of our comprehensive seminar notes
  • 2.5 hours of CPD 

This Online Seminar is presented by James Deliyannis on behalf of the NTAA.

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