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2023 NTAA Guide to the Main Residence Exemption Seminar

The ATO has access to extensive data and recently increased its vigilance in tracking CGT compliance ... even on the family home!

This makes it crucial to be up-to-date and focused on the traps of the CGT Main Residence Exemption so that you can help your clients get it right the first time.

This online seminar addresses the concepts, limitations and opportunities – all the tax issues you need to know.

A Detailed Look at the Main Residence Exemption

  • We provide a robust insight into the often-complex Main Residence Exemption
  • The online seminar is a useful tool when navigating the CGT exemption and your client’s unique circumstances

This seminar will assist you to:

  • Understand the main residence exemption and the key concepts
  • Identify the provisions that extend the main residence exemption
  • Exercise caution with the provisions that limit the main residence exemption
  • Navigate the income tax variations when subdividing the family home


Benefits of purchasing this seminar:

  • PDF copy of our comprehensive seminar notes
  • 2.5 hours of CPD

Presented by Nick Connell and Rebecca Morgan.

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