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SMSF Audits


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Auditor independence is one of the greatest challenges facing tax practitioners.

We can provide you with Auditor Independence. 

The fee for the audit will depend on the SMSF software used and investments held in the fund.

To begin your audit, simply click on the blue button 'Add Audit' and answer the questions.

Please see below the different categories of SMSF.

Why use our Audit Service?

  • SMSFs audited from as little as only $495
  • Our audits are conducted in AUSTRALIA
  • 5-day turnaround
  • Auditor Independence
  • Protect your client, your practice
  • Assigned an individual client manager

How does it work?

The audit will be conducted via email or telephone contact as required. 

Step 1:   Place your SMSF Audit order: 

Log onto the NTAA Member Area by using your NTAA log in details at Please have your log in details handy.

Step 2:   Complete audit kit:

Once your order has been placed, you will receive a comprehensive audit kit via email, containing a checklist of the required information including an engagement letter.

Step 3:   Upload documents: 

Once all documents have been prepared (e.g., engagement letter) then simply upload everything to Baumgartner Super’s secure client portal.

Step 4:   Completed audit report:

If there are no audit issues, you will be sent the completed audit report (normally within 5 working days).