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2024 Super Schools Day 1 Online Seminar

Pre-purchase for an end of September Release

In our 2024 Super Schools Day 1 seminar, we will address all the key changes and compliance developments affecting SMSFs and super.

These include:

  • Key changes affecting the contribution rules and the pension rules
  • The Government’s NEW 15% Division 296 tax for super balances above $3 million
  • Critical danger areas for SMSFs in tough economic times
  • Important developments affecting the payment of death benefits
  • The NTAA’s NEW Accountants Guide on how to survive an SMSF Audit

Benefits of purchasing our 2024 Super Schools Day 1 Online Seminar: 

  • PDF copy of our comprehensive seminar notes 
  • 6.5 hours of CPD
  • Free Hotline Call

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Also available as a Face to Face seminar.

Our 2024 Super Schools Day 1 online seminar is presented by Ben Kilkenny and Rene Chan on behalf of the NTAA.

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