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2022 FBT Online Seminar

The NTAA's 2022 FBT seminar will provide you with everything necessary to correctly prepare your 2022 FBT Return.

Some of the important issues that will be covered during the seminar include:

  • What's NEW for FBT in 2022?
  • Other developments for FBT in 2022
  • NTAA's 2022 FBT audit guide
  • Car fringe benefits – No mistakes
  • Meal entertainment – Minimise audit risk
  • Meal entertainment case studies for ALL employees
  • Advanced FBT planning and salary packaging strategies
  • Reportable fringe benefits
  • COVID-19 and FBT developments in 2022 – Supplement

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Benefits of purchasing our 2022 FBT Online Seminar:

Our 2022 FBT online seminar is presented by Andrew Gardiner and Rene Chan on behalf of the NTAA.

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