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2020 Super Schools Day 2 Online Seminar

Now Available

2020 Super Schools Seminar 

Our Online (pre-recorded) Video – available now!
You can watch them as many times as you like over 270 days, pausing and replaying as much as you want

Each registration also includes:

  • software and PDF copy of seminar notes
  • 6.5 hours of CPD
  • Free Hotline Call

In our Super Schools Day 2 Seminar, we’ll take you through the following broad topics:

  • Traps and Tips Associated with Super during an Economic Downturn
  • Advanced Planning Strategies with the Contribution Rules
  • Advanced Pension Planning Strategies during COVID-19
  • NTAA Guide to Superannuation and Bankruptcy
  • Setting up a Tax-Effective Super Plan during an Economic Downturn

FREE 2020 Super Planning Software for delegates!

The NTAA’s Super Planning Software will take the guesswork out of major superannuation planning issues! Click here for more information

Please note: Our Super Planning Software will be available late January.

Our 2020 Super Schools Day 2 Online Seminar is presented by James Deliyannis, Andrew Gardiner and Riley Jones on behalf of the NTAA.

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Hard copy seminar notes, supplements and handouts available for an additional $20. Click here to purchase the Online Seminar with printed notes. 


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First Delegate$469.00
Additional Delegates$329.00
Non Members 
First Delegate$569.00
Additional Delegates$469.00

Note(*): Non member registration includes 3 months full membership and will commence once you have attended the seminar

All prices include GST