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2022 Trusts Online Seminar

The NTAA's 2022 Trusts seminar will help untangle the complexity of trusts and explain how these structures can be used to maximise asset protection and taxation benefits.

Some of the important issues that will be covered during the seminar include:

  • What issues should be considered when choosing the right trust?
  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of the different types of trusts?
  • How to structure a trust to maximise asset protection benefits
  • NTAA guide to the taxation of Trust Income – Understand all the key concepts involved to ensure trust income is taxed correctly
  • What types of income can be ‘streamed’ to trust beneficiaries?
  • Increased ATO focus on Section 100A reimbursement agreements – When will this result in additional tax?
  • Latest guidance to the Division 7A implications of ‘bucket company’ distributions
  • How do the CGT small business concessions apply when selling units in a unit trust?
  • What are the benefits and consequences of making a family trust election?
  • NTAA guide to navigating the trust loss rules

Purchasers of the Seminar will also receive FREE software containing the following documents and information:

  • Sample trust resolutions
  • Division 7A precedent documents and on-lend agreement
  • Practical checklists and guides









Benefits of purchasing our 2022 Trusts Online Seminar:

FREE Live Streamed Broadcasts (click here for more information)

2022 Trusts Seminar Live Streamed Dates
Friday 29 April
Thursday 5 May
Tuesday 10 May
Wednesday 8 June (Session 1 only)
Wednesday 22 June

Our 2022 Trusts online seminar is presented by Rod Wilson and Riley Jones on behalf of the NTAA.

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