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2023 Preparing Clients for the new $3m Super Cap

Draft legislation has been released on the NEW 15% earnings tax for clients with a superannuation balance exceeding $3m.

These reforms will fundamentally affect superannuation advice being provided to wealthier clients right now!

In our 2 hour presentation, we walk you through the proposed new rules and identify how clients will be affected by the new 15% earnings tax.  

We examine the important administrative issues you need to understand.   

We also highlight important planning strategies to maximise a client’s retirement savings when preparing for these reforms.

Topics include:

  • How is a client’s superannuation balance calculated under the NEW $3m cap?
  • How are earnings for an income year calculated under the NEW $3m cap?
  • Administrative issues to consider with the $3m cap
  • Critical planning strategies in the lead up to the NEW $3m cap



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