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2024 Deduction Finder



Member Price
Non-Member Price

Pre-purchase for an end of May release. 

  • Licenced to 5 users

  • Expires 30 June 2025

  • Additional licences: $99 (NTAA Members)
                                    $199 (Non-Members)

How would you like to have every single deduction/claim for every single occupation/client at your fingertips?

You can with the Deduction FINDER

Deduction FINDER is a software program that has been developed to find every deduction, for every occupation (that we can think of). The Deduction FINDER prompts you to ask the right questions on claims being made by a client.

This software:

  • provides every deduction (we can think of) for every occupation;

  • prompts practitioners so that every claim is maximised and correct; and

  • separates the claims into the relevant labels of the 2025 'I' Return.

One of the biggest advantages of the Deduction FINDER is that it will allow more junior/inexperienced staff to use the software to prepare tax returns correctly, the first time!

How does it work?

Main Screen

An easy-to-navigate main screen will mean that creating new files, editing existing files and viewing the history of previous interviews will be a simple process.

The software is designed to act as an interactive working paper, allowing users to keep a record of client interviews as an essential file note.

Clients are listed in alphabetical order on the left-hand side and can be accessed by ‘clicking’ on the client’s name.

Main Screen

New Client

Records for new clients can be added as easily as clicking a button, giving users the freedom to include all relevant details to keep a record of the interview.  The information stored will include the client’s name, occupation and the relevant occupation code for the client.

New Client

Selecting Occupation

The 1,700+ occupations have been included in the Deduction Finder in line with the listing of occupations provided by the ATO.

Users will have the ability to search for a particular occupation, or choose from a list in alphabetical order.


Filling in Questions

Questions have been designed to be specifically relevant for over 1,700 different occupations, and have been written with reference to various ATO fact sheets and rulings.

In addition to these specific questions, users may add their own questions to the software which can be saved for future use.

Answers provided by clients can be entered into the software and stored for future reference.


Printing Reports

After completing the client interview, users can print a copy of the questions and responses. 

Of course, as the record will also be saved electronically within the Deduction Finder software itself, this interview note can be printed at any time.