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National Tax Agents' Association (NTAA+)

Fellows may also apply for stapled fellowship of National Tax Agents' Association (NTAA+) at no extra cost. Please see below an extract from our October 2011 Edition of Voice for more information:

Quite some time ago, the NTAA set up a new entity, affiliated to a wholly-owned subsidiary, named the National Tax Agents' Association Ltd. which is a brand new association exclusively devoted to looking after the interests of registered tax agents.

This body, which we have dubbed NTAA+, has now received accreditation from the Tax Practitioners' Board (TPB) as a Recognised Tax Agent Association or RTAA.

Fundamentally, the NTAA itself could not seek registration as an RTAA due to the existing composition of its membership base (e.g., both tax agents and non tax agents).

As a consequence, the Board of the NTAA established a separate association whose only members would be 'Fellows' of the NTAA (i.e., broadly-speaking, tax agents) and who would be offered a complimentary 'stapled' membership of the new NTAA+.

In this way, there would be no diminution in the rights of current members of the NTAA (which would otherwise have been required) and, where we find it necessary, we will be able to concentrate purely on tax agent and related issues for the new members/Fellows of NTAA+.

The TPB has now posted on its website that the National Tax Agents' Association Ltd (NTAA+) is an accredited RTAA from 1 July 2011.

This means that the professional qualifications and experience of Fellows of NTAA+ are recognised for tax agent registration purposes.