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Seminar Calendar

Click here to download a copy of the NTAA's 2019 seminar calendar

Seminars at a glance:

Fringe Benefits Tax – February & March
This seminar is delivered in “plain English” and solves all the coal face challenges that accountants, bookkeepers, HR personnel and tax practitioners confront when preparing the FBT Return.

Tax Hot Spots – March & April
Tax Hot Spots is one of our annual one day seminars held during March and April around the country. As the name suggests, our Tax Hot Spots seminar covers the “Hot Spots” and recent developments within the tax industry. It provides a practical insight into dealing with the “HOT” issues.

Tax & Property* – March & April
We cover all of the essential issues that you must consider when dealing with Tax and Property.

Tax Structures & Asset Protection* – March & April
This seminar is designed to give practitioners an understanding of the key elements of asset protection with particular focus on the rules related to bankruptcy as well as incorporating recent changes in this area.  

Trusts* – March & April 
We will cover all of the essential issues that you must consider including the setting up and operating of a trust, tax streaming and making distributions  

Deceased Estates* – March & April 
This seminar will provide a comprehensive coverage of the tax issues confronted by deceased estates as well as a detailed discussion on how to undertake effective estate planning.

Tax & Payroll Workshop – Online
The NTAA’s Tax & Payroll Workshop gives a practical explanation of all the tax (state and federal) responsibilities that confront payroll staff.

Tax Schools (Day 1 & Day 2) – May, June & July
The 2 Day Tax Schools is a complete update of all new developments to the end of the financial year and helps attendees get ready to tackle individual and business returns in the coming season. We also cover the ATO’s audit targets and give you great tax planning tips that will save clients thousands.

Income Tax Basics (Day 1 & Day 2) – June
These are practical workshops centred on understanding the basics of the "I" Return and the ins and outs of the Business Returns. We help train your graduates and new staff into becoming profitable and valuable members of your practice.

Super Schools (Day 1 & Day 2) – September & October
The Day 1 seminar focuses on how the changes to the contribution rules, coupled with other developments will affect setting up, running, auditing and preparing the income tax return for an SMSF.

In Day 2, we examine cutting edge planning opportunities associated with the asset protection, divorce and the investment rules that will literally save clients thousands.

Tax Hot Spots II – October
As the name suggests, our Tax Hot Spots II seminar covers the “Hot Spots” and recent developments in legislation, cases and rulings affecting the tax profession.  

Trust Basics*
In this seminar we show you how to complete the Trust tax return, how to record distributions on beneficiary tax returns, and how to deal with Trust accounting entries. Along the way the seminar deals with all the tax issues that arise in completing the tax return in a very practical way. 

FBT Basics*
The FBT Basics seminar provides attendees with a thorough understanding of all of the different types of fringe benefits. Also included in this seminar is an explanation of the basics of salary packaging.

GST Basics*
The GST rules have been amended over 1,000 times and it’s clearly not a simple tax.  As a result, we have developed the GST Basics seminar to provide a ‘hands on’ look at the GST.  It’s a ‘roll up the sleeves’ look at the reporting and paperwork reporting requirements associated with GST. 

CGT Basics*
This seminar is designed to guide you through the basics of CGT. We also identify the documents and record-keeping that accompanies the CGT regime so you can avoid costly mistakes.

Super Basics*
In this seminar we examine everything you need to know about running a self managed superannuation fund. In the second part of the seminar, we examine auditing an SMSF.


* Please note some seminars run on a rotating basis

The NTAA reserves the right to cancel or reschedule courses, change speakers or revise content as necessary.