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FBT Return Preparer/Sal Sac 2017 Upgrade Package

FBT Return Preparer 2017 – Updated and simplified!

The NTAA’s FBT Return Preparer has been upgraded to automatically take into account all of the CHANGES to the FBT rules for 2017.

Yes, our software automatically takes into account the CHANGES to the FBT rules when preparing the 2017 FBT Return.

Features of the FBT Return Preparer 2017

  • It automatically takes into account the NEW FBT rate and NEW gross-up rates for the 2017 FBT year
  • It has been registered with the ATO and produces a copy of the 2016 FBT Return that can be lodged with the ATO!
  • It automatically applies the correct gross-up rates for the Type 1 and Type 2 fringe benefits
  • Car information from the 2016 software can be easily imported for the 2017 FBT year
  • In addition, FBT-exempt, FBT-rebatable and FBT-taxable employers can use the software

Take the guesswork out of the reportable fringe benefits for the 2017 FBT year

  • It provides a detailed report on the reportable fringe benefit amount ('RFBA') for each employee
  • It provides a personalised report that can be provided to employees recording their RFBA
  • It calculates an employee's RFBA for FBT-taxable, rebatable and exempt employers

Dealing with the 2017 FBT paperwork nightmare

  • It provides 'audit proof' worksheets that explain how each FBT calculation was determined
  • It produces 'otherwise deductible' declarations that can be downloaded and signed by employees
  • It automatically produces declarations and elections that employers need for the 2017 FBT year


Salary Sacrifice Calculator

THE NTAA's 2017 Sal Sac interacts with the NTAA's FBT Return Preparer.  The Sal Sac has the following features:

  • It provides immediate reports that show the savings from salary packaging
  • It allows users to compare the Statutory formula and Operating cost methods
  • It deals with all FBT employers
  • It provides a reconciliation report proving employers are not worse off by offering packaging 

Please click here to view the FBT USB loading Instructions

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