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2020 Super Schools Day 1 Online Seminar - Printed Notes

Pre-order for an early October release

2020 Super Schools Seminar Platforms

Unfortunately we are unable to run our Super Schools as a face to face seminar this year.

Our 2020 Super Schools Seminars will be available on two platforms.

If you register for one platform, you automatically receive access to the other. 

Our Online (pre-recorded) Video – available early October
You can watch them as many times as you like over
270 days, pausing and replaying as much as you want


Our Live Streamed Broadcast – 6 dates commencing 6 & 7 October
Our Live Streamed Super Schools Seminars are as close to attending an NTAA face to face seminar as you can get!
Each day will be divided into 4 sessions and registrants will have access to all days and all sessions.  

They will be held over 6 dates and you will have access to all sessions and all days and you can watch as many times as you wish.

Super Schools Day 1
Tuesday 6 October
Thursday 8 October
Monday 12 October
Thursday 15 October
Monday 19 October
Thursday 22 October

Each registration also includes:

  • software, PDF and hardcopy of seminar notes
  • up to 6.5 hours of CPD
  • Free Hotline Call

In our Super Schools Day 1 Seminar, we’ll take you through the following broad topics:

  • What’s NEW for SMSFs?
  • NEW ATO Guidelines for SMSFs Developing Property
  • ATO’s SMSF Danger Areas for 2020
  • NTAA’s 2020 Practical Guide for SMSF Audits


BONUS Day 1 Seminar Software Operating and Auditing an SMSF

Purchasers to the Day 1 Online Seminar will also receive FREE software containing the following documents and information:

  • Updated 2019 Audit workpapers for completing financial and SIS compliance audits of SMSFs
  • A unique NTAA step-by-step guide to setting up SMSFs
  • Precedent letters, documents and elections

Our 2020 Super Schools Day 1 Online Seminar is presented by James Deliyannis, Ben Kilkenny and Rene Chan on behalf of the NTAA.

You might also be interested in purchasing our Super Schools Day 2 Online Seminar. Click here for more information.

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First Delegate$489.00
Additional Delegates$349.00
Non Members 
First Delegate$589.00
Additional Delegates$489.00

Note(*): Non member registration includes 3 months full membership and will commence once you have attended the seminar

All prices include GST