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Accountants Trust Account Audit

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Accountant's Trust Account Audit Details


A NEW approach to Accountant's Trust Account Audits

Your trust account will be audited throughout the year, reducing the time required at year end, and allowing for the audit to be completed in a timely manner. 

Baumgartners Audit will provide you with an audit kit, containing a checklist of required information together with documents such as an engagement letter and management representation letter.

How does it work?

Step 1:    Place an order above.

Step 2:    Once your order is processed, you will receive an audit kit via email.

Step 3:    Upload your completed checklist of documents to the Baumgartners client portal.

Step 4:    Provide read-only access to your trust’s bank account.

Step 5:    Baumgartners Audit will request a sample of transactions to be sent via the client portal.

Step 6:    Arrange for the management rep letter to be signed.

Step 7:    Receive a completed Audit Report.

Why do you want “Read Only” access to my bank account?

“Read Only” access improves the audit efficiency by:

a) Providing information on all transactions

b) Providing third-party documentation to us without the need to send original documents

c) Avoiding the time delays and costs associated with obtaining an independent bank confirmation.

Where do your audits take place?

The majority of work will be performed in Baumgartners Audit’s offices however, on occasion, we may need to visit your premises.  Note that all trust accounts in Queensland require a visit to your premises once a year.  Our senior management team travel interstate on a regular basis and we would welcome the opportunity to meet at your office.

Who can answer my questions?

Baumgartners Audit can.  Once engaged with us you are assigned an experienced audit manager.  You will also have access to our entire team’s knowledge and experience.  Let Baumgartners Audit support your business.