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Australian Bushfires

9th January 2020

Our thoughts are with all Australians affected by Australia’s bushfire crisis, including our members and their clients.

It is at these very difficult times that people need support.

As a result, the ATO has prepared a dedicated page on its website, which advises that businesses located within postcodes directly affected by the bushfires will be automatically granted deferrals until 28 May 2020 for lodgements of tax forms (e.g., Activity Statements) and associated tax payments that are due.  Please click on the following link to determine if you are eligible for the ATO’s automatic relief:

In addition, the NTAA has undertaken the following initiatives in response to the bushfire crisis:

  • We have arranged for direct assistance from the ATO with respect to members who require additional help beyond the concessions offered on the ATO’s website (e.g., for those taxpayers affected by the bushfires who fall outside the postcodes eligible for automatic lodgment and payment deferral).  Members can contact us on the number mentioned below;
  • We have arranged a cash donation to the Red Cross bushfire relief fund of $25,000; and
  • Administrative concessions for NTAA members wishing to change seminar dates or cancel seminar registrations. 

Anyone affected by the bushfire crisis who needs further assistance from the NTAA can contact us on 1800 808 105. 

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