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Average Australians face losing Billions in Tax Grab!

2nd March 2016

Media Release - Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Average Australians face
losing Billions in Tax Grab!

Tax experts have today warned that any suggestion by the Turnbull Government (or Opposition) to cap or eliminate work-related expense claims (e.g., car, home office and education expenses) will cost thousands for honest, hard working Australians, such as teachers, police officers and sales representatives.

Recent media reports have suggested that the Turnbull Government may be considering ‘tampering’ with the deduction rules for work-related expenses, as part of their economic policy.  Suggestions have ranged from imposing a ‘cap’ for work-related expense claims, to removing the right to claim any work-related expenses on individual tax returns.

Work-related expense claims are not a tax rort.

Work-related expenses are amounts that honest, hard working taxpayers are required to spend as part of their job or occupation, in earning their income.  In fact, in the current economic climate, more employers expect employees to personally pay for various expenses (e.g., a mobile phone or stationery expenses) as part of discharging their employment duties without any reimbursement or allowance being paid by the employer.

It is sad to think that the occupations that will be ‘hardest hit’ by such a reform represent those taxpayers who traditionally earn relatively modest income (e.g., teachers, nurses, police officers, tradespeople, construction workers and sales representatives).

NTAA spokesperson, James Deliyannis said that “make no mistake, any cap or removal of work-related expense claims is nothing short of a tax increase by stealth.

For many taxpayers, the removal or capping of work-related expense claims will have a similar effect to an increase in the GST without the compensation package, resulting in hard working Australians paying more tax!”

The NTAA calls upon the Turnbull Government (and the Opposition) to provide an ironclad commitment that they will not limit work-related expense claims in order to increase the tax burden on working Australians. 

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