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2019 Tax Schools Day 1

Tax Schools Day 1 Seminar focuses on all the changes and developments (including ATO audit targets) that will affect individual clients and the preparation of the 2019 Individual return.

This seminar covers:

  • Changes Affecting the 2019 'I' Return
  • NTAA's 2019 Budget and Tax Policy Update
  • Other NEW Developments for Individuals
  • Latest Tax-Effective Planning Strategies for Individuals
  • ATO's 2019 Audit Targets for Individuals

PLUS Delegates receive FREE Software:

FREE Deduction Software – Deduction FINDER

This software navigates tax practitioners through EVERY deduction (we can think of) that can be claimed for EVERY occupation.  Deduction FINDER also prompts you to ask the right questions on claims being made by a client.

Attendees also receive the NTAA’s tax return kit, which includes an individual tax return checklist. Plus a client engagement letter package, along with a library of checklists, worksheets and elections providing practical information to assist in the individual tax return preparation.

You might also be interested in our Tax Schools Day 2 Seminar.

Attendees at our Tax Schools Day 1 seminar will receive comprehensive seminar notes written in an easy-to-understand style containing numerous practical examples and case studies.

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First Delegate$569.00
Additional Delegates$525.00
Non Members 
First Delegate$669.00
Additional Delegates$625.00

Note(*): Non member registration includes 3 months full membership and will commence once you have attended the seminar

All prices include GST