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ATO Attacks Common Trust Distributions

The ATO has recently released a Draft Ruling that is set to invalidate many trust distributions.

It's one of the most significant developments for trusts in over two decades.

In 2.5 hours, we will walk you through the danger areas to ensure you and your clients don’t become casualties.

Topics discussed include:

  • When will trust distributions be valid?
  • NEW Ruling attacks trust distributions being made to grandparents 
  • NEW Ruling set to invalidate many trust distributions to adult children 
  • Distributions to ‘bucket companies’ face huge challenges
  • Huge problems with common trust ‘offset’ arrangements 
  • What happens if a trust distribution is invalidated by the ATO?
  • NTAA roadmap to avoid ATO scrutiny

Presented by Andrew Gardiner and Fatma Hashim

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