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2021 Tax Schools Day 2 Online Seminar

Our Tax Schools Day 2 Online Seminar provides tax practitioners with a practical insight into all the key developments for business in the 2021 year, including the ATO’s key business audit targets in the 2021 income year.

This seminar covers:

  • What's NEW for Business in 2021?
  • ATO announces MAJOR CHANGES to the disclosure requirements for business returns in the 2021 income year
  • Which Businesses are under the ATO's Audit Blowtorch in 2021?
  • NEW Year-end Planning for Small Business after the recent amendments to the SBE depreciation rules

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Benefits of purchasing our 2021 Tax Schools Day 2 Online Seminar: 

Attendees also receive access to the NTAA's Tax Schools Day 2 Software, including:

  • Division 7A Calculator,
  • various precedent documents and company checklists.

Our 2021 Tax Schools Day 2 Online Seminar is presented by Andrew Gardiner and Michael Gilmour on behalf of the NTAA

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