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2023 Super Schools Day 2 Online Seminar

Our 2023 Super Schools Day 2 seminar examines the latest planning strategies that will maximise a client's ‘nest egg’ during these turbulent economic times. 

We also consider planning strategies under the PROPOSED $3m superannuation cap, and we also provide a practical explanation of the super and bankruptcy rules.   

Some of the key topics covered within our 2023 Super Schools Day 2 seminar include:

  • Key planning strategies associated with the proposed $3m superannuation cap
  • Dealing with important issues associated with super and bankruptcy
  • Advanced contribution strategies under the RECENT contribution changes
  • Arrange for clients to make concessional contributions of up to $157,500 without breaching their cap!
  • Setting up a tax effective super plan during turbulent economic times

All NTAA Members who purchase our 2023 Super Schools Seminar will receive FREE access to our 'Preparing Clients for the new $3m Super Cap' seminar.

Delegates of our 2023 Super Schools Day 2 seminar receive comprehensive seminar notes written in an easy-to-understand style containing numerous practical examples, case studies and checklists. 


Benefits of purchasing our 2023 Super Schools Day 2 Online Seminar: 

  • A PDF copy of our comprehensive seminar notes 
  • 6.5 hours of CPD
  • Free Hotline Call

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Our 2023 Super Schools Day 2 online seminar is presented by James Deliyannis and Riley Jones on behalf of the NTAA.

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