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Information about our Live Streamed Broadcasts

Our Live Streamed Seminars are live from the studio, with dedicated time set aside to answer as many of your questions as possible. It's as close to a Face-to-Face Seminar as you can get.

2022 Tax Schools Day 1 Seminar Live Streamed Dates

Monday 23 May
Friday 27 May (session 1 only)
Monday 30 May
Thursday 9 June
Thursday 16 June
Monday 27 June

2022 Tax Schools Day 2 Seminar Live Streamed Dates

Tuesday 24 May
Friday 27 May (session 1 only)
Tuesday 31 May
Friday 10 June
Friday 17 June
Tuesday 28 June

Each Live Streamed Broadcast is divided into 4 sessions

Session Times

Session 1: 9am to 10.30am AEST 
Session 2: 11am to 12.30pm AEST
Session 3: 1.30pm to 3pm AEST 
Session 4: 3.30pm to 4.45pm AEST

Registrants will have access to all days and all sessions.

You will be able to send questions throughout the day and each session will have time dedicated to answer as many questions as possible.