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2021 Super Schools Day 2 Online Seminar - Printed Notes

Pre-order for an end of September release

Our 2021 Super Schools Day 2 Seminar highlights important superannuation planning strategies that are designed to maximise a client's retirement 'nest egg'.


This online seminar can be watched on two platforms:

Online (pre-recorded) Video 

  • Watch where you want, when you want and as many times as you want
  • Valid for 270 days (the timer will not start until you commence the video)
  • Includes software and PDF copy of seminar notes 
  • 6.5 hours of CPD
  • Free Hotline Call


Live Streamed Broadcast - Commencing October 2021

We are currently unable to Live Stream due to the ongoing lockdown in Melbourne and we will confirm the dates below as soon as things change.

They will be held over 6 dates and you will be able to watch any session you wish, on any day you wish.

They will be held over 6 dates and you will be able to watch ay session you wish, on any day you wish.

Wednesday 06 October 9am AEDT
Friday 08 October 9am AEDT
Friday 15 October 9am AEDT
Friday 22 October 9am AEDT
Friday 29 October 9am AEDT
Friday 12 November 9am AEDT

PLUS SESSION 1 ONLY Wednesday 13 October 2pm AEDT

Each Live Streamed Broadcast will be divided into 4 sessions and registrants will have access to all days and all sessions. You will also be able to send questions throughout the day and each session will have time dedicated to answer as many questions as possible.

Session Times: 

Session 1: 9am to 10.30am AEDT
Session 2: 11am to 12.30pm AEDT

Session 3: 1.30pm to 3pm AEDT
Session 4: 3.30pm to 4.30pm AEDT

In our Super Schools Day 2 Seminar, we’ll take you through the following broad topics:

  • Maximise access to the updated contribution caps and save
  • Traps and tips with property development and SMSFs
  • Advanced Pension Planning Strategies during COVID-19
  • Tax-effective estate planning and superannuation
  • Setting up a Tax-Effective Super Plan during an Economic recovery

Purchasers to the Day 2 Online Seminar will also receive FREE 2021 Super Planning Software!

The NTAA’s Super Planning Software will take the guesswork out of major superannuation planning issues. Click here for more information.

Please note our Super Planning Software will be available late October

Our 2021 Super Schools Day 2 Online Seminar is presented by James Deliyannis and Michael Gilmour on behalf of the NTAA.

You might also be interested in purchasing our Super Schools Day 1 Online Seminar. Click here for more information.

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First Delegate$489.00
Additional Delegates$349.00
Non Members 
First Delegate$589.00
Additional Delegates$489.00

Note(*): Non member registration includes 3 months full membership and will commence once you have attended the seminar

All prices include GST