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2022 Tax Schools Day 1 Online Seminar

Our Tax Schools Day 1 Online Seminar focuses on all the key changes and developments (including the latest ATO audit warning areas) that will affect individual clients and the preparation of the 2022 Individual return.

Our seminar covers the followings key topics:

  • NEW developments affecting the 2022 'I' Return
  • Other NEW developments for Individuals
  • Latest developments affecting travel claims
  • The ATO's 2022 Individual Audit Hot Spots
  • The ATO's attack on Cryptocurrency









Benefits of purchasing our 2022 Tax Schools Day 1 Online Seminar:

Purchasers also receive the NTAA’s tax return kit, which includes:

  • Individual tax return checklist
  • Client engagement letter package
  • library of checklists, worksheets and elections providing practical information to assist in the individual tax return preparation

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