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2021 Super Schools Day 2 Online Seminar

Our 2021 Super Schools Day 2 Seminar highlights important superannuation planning strategies that are designed to maximise a client's retirement 'nest egg'.

 We’ll take you through the following broad topics:

  • Maximise access to the updated contribution caps and save
  • Traps and tips with property development and SMSFs
  • Advanced pension planning strategies during COVID-19
  • Tax-effective estate planning and superannuation
  • Setting up a tax-effective super plan during an economic recovery

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Benefits of purchasing our 2021 Super Schools Day 2 Online Seminar:

FREE Live Streamed Broadcasts (click here for more information)

Our Live Streamed Seminars are live from the studio, with dedicated time set aside to answer as many of your questions as possible. It's as close to a Face-to-Face Seminar as you can get.

Broadcast Dates
Friday 29 October
Wednesday 3 November (Session 1 only beginning 2pm AEDT)
Tuesday 9 November
Tuesday 23 November
Friday 26 November
Friday 3 December

Our 2021 Super Schools Day 2 Online Seminar is presented by James Deliyannis and Andrew Gardiner on behalf of the NTAA.

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