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2021/22 Tax Hot Spots Online Seminar

The NTAA's 2021/22 Tax Hot Spots Online Seminar will provide you with a comprehensive update on the most recent and relevant developments in tax.  

Our seminar will cover a number of key developments including:

  • What's NEW and Other Developments
    • Understand what ‘out-of-the-box’ tax planning strategies exist as a result of current accelerated depreciation options
    • NEW ATO ruling provides a shake-up of acceptable lease residual values
    • How did a 16-year old property transfer become voided under the Bankruptcy 'clawback' provisions?
  • Latest Issues for Directors
    • Time to get clients onboarded with the NEW Director ID regime
  • Understand the current ATO cryptocurrency focus
  • CGT Update
  • Trust Update
  • The extra attention that Division 7A requires this tax season
    • NTAA's software includes updated Division 7A documentation and calculator
  • TPB Update

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Benefits of purchasing our 2021/22 Tax Hot Spots Online Seminar:

Our 2021/22 Tax Hot Spots Online Seminar is presented by Rod Wilson and Rebecca Morgan on behalf of the NTAA.

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