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2022 Super Schools Day 2 Face to Face Seminar

Our 2022 Super Schools Day 2 seminar examines the latest planning strategies that are designed to maximise a client's ‘nest egg’ during a share market or property downturn.  We also consider planning strategies under the RECENT changes to the contribution rules, and we also provide a hands-on explanation to the super and divorce rules.   

Some of the key topics covered within our 2022 Super Schools Day 2 seminar include:

  • Key planning strategies for SMSFs during a share market or property downturn
  • Dealing with important issues associated with super and divorce
  • Advanced contribution strategies under the RECENT contribution reforms
  • Allow clients to ‘unlock’ equity in their home and arrange for their SMSF to invest in property
  • Tax-effective estate and superannuation planning during an economic downturn

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Our 2022 Super Schools Day 2 seminar will also be available in an online format, please click here to find out more.


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First Delegate$569.00
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