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2020 Super Planning Software


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The NTAA 'Super Planning Software'

The NTAA’s Super Planning Software (‘SPS’) will take the guesswork out of advising clients on all major superannuation planning issues!

This software provides a comprehensive and pro-active 'to-do' list for your clients' superannuation needs. It covers key areas such as: 

  • Contribution strategies 
  • Pension strategies
  • Limited recourse borrowing arrangements
  • Business Real Property and SMSFs
  • Various trustee obligations

The software will ensure you identify and implement key superannuation strategies for your clients using three easy-to-follow steps.

The SPS produces individually tailored reports for each client that identify the important superannuation-related and ETP planning strategies.

Step 1:   Enter a client’s personal details, income and super-related information

Simply enter the personal information in relation to a particular client, such as their income, date of birth, superannuation balance in their fund and any superannuation contributions that have been made for the client’s benefit.

Step 2: Examine the ‘Client planning summary’ screen

SPS then determines the tax savings, deductions limits and concessional and non-concessional contribution caps of the particular client.

SPS then provides guidance on the tax savings that can be achieved for the client.

Step 3:   ‘Tailored’ client checklists on super-related issues to consider when advising clients

SPS then provides a detailed checklist of issues to consider in relation to the particular client.

Our detailed checklist highlight which questions/issues need to be raised with clients along with an explanation on why these issues are important.  These checklists incorporate issues ranging from superannuation and divorce, to issues associated with a client suffering ill health.

Special offer – delegates attending the NTAA’s 2020 Super Schools Day 2 Seminar

Any delegate attending the NTAA’s 2020 Day 2 Super Schools seminar will receive the software absolutely FREE.

(*): This software is licensed to 1 installation and expires 30 June 2021. Additional licences can be purchased for only $99 each.

Software will become available late January 2021.