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Our Mission

The NTAA is a Tax Association that was set up to fully support tax practitioners by providing the highest quality service and advice to its members. As an association, it is totally "member centric".

Our Mission


Our primary and unrelenting focus is, and must continue to be, the needs of our members. It is not unusual to hear around the NTAA that "we love our members".

In our ongoing pursuit of our primary focus, the NTAA is a company made up of truly dedicated people who believe that to achieve our goals we all need to think the same way.

Primary Goals

We therefore strive to create an environment charged with a common belief that Reliability, Honesty and Integrity are the foundations for a company whose primary goals are to provide the highest level of service and best advice to our members.

The service provided to members at every contact must be an uplifting experience to the member receiving it. Dealing with us should be a happy, beneficial and rewarding experience – every time.

The advice provided must be practical, immediately useful and great value for money.

Our end game is to provide our members with "Practical Solutions to Complex Issues" and to support them in their tax practice or business.

Social and environmental policy

The NTAA views itself as both the voice of tax practitioners and also as their silent "partner".

In the broader sense it acts as the go-between tax practitioners and the ATO, ensuring the needs of our members are heard.

At the same time it also supports members in the day to day, practical needs of their tax practice. It has a broad range of responsibilities as a major player in tax.

The success of the NTAA in providing quality products and services allows it to generously reward all employees who assist the firm by maintaining its high standards of service delivery. It provides an environment in which employees can thrive and develop fully.

The NTAA and its staff believe it is incumbent on them to act as an ethical corporate citizen with both social and environmental responsibilities.