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Practice Update Subscription

What is Practice Update?

We write a newsletter for you to send to your clients, written in an easy and relaxed style, which:

  • YOU send each month

  • to YOUR Clients

  • from YOUR email or print it on YOUR Letterhead

Why should you subscribe?

  • It keeps you in contact with your clients; and

  • They can't claim you didn't tell them about important tax changes.

Like to see one for free?

If you would like to see a previous months edition, simply call 1800 808 105 or (03) 9209 9999 and we will send you a copy FREE!  Or click on the sample link on the right to view a copy.

How much does a yearly subscription cost?

The Practice Update costs just $187 p.a. including postage and handling for 11 issues - approximately one third the price of other competitor's newsletters.

Practice Update can be placed on your website where a login is necessary for the client to view the publication i.e., in a "client area".  We have been advised that it is a breach of the Copyright Act 1968 for the publication to be made available to the public.

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