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Salary Sacrifice Calculator 2017

Why buy the 2017 Salary Sacrifice Calculator (Sal Sac) or upgrade?

The NTAA's 2017 Sal Sac interacts with the NTAA's FBT Return Preparer. 

What are the Features and Benefits of the 2017 Sal Sac?

  • It provides immediate reports that show the savings from salary packaging
  • It allows users to compare the Statutory formula and Operating cost methods
  • It deals with all FBT employers
  • It provides a reconciliation report proving employers are not worse off by offering packaging

Who will benefit from using the software?

  • Tax Practitioners 
  • Bookkeepers
  • Salary Packaging Specialists
  • Financial Controllers
  • Company Accountants
  • Payroll Officers
  • HR Personnel
  • Accountants in industry
  • All staff involved in preparing payment summaries

The Salary Sacrifice Calulator is licenced to 5 users.

Download the 2017 Sal Sac 7 day trial here

Download the 2017 Sal Sac Installation Guide

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