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2020 FBT

The NTAA's 2020 FBT Seminar is written and presented in 'plain English' to ensure that anyone preparing the 2020 FBT Return can do so with confidence.  Our FBT seminar is specifically designed to be practical to ensure that everyone from bookkeepers, HR personnel, accountants and salary packaging specialists, understand the key changes to the 2020 FBT Return. 

Some key developments for the 2020 FBT year include, NEW ATO Ruling in relation to car parking benefits, NEW FBT guidelines on employer’s who pay for road and bridge tolls and a major ATO backflip in relation to benefits provided to employees by suppliers, clients etc.

We also highlight the major FBT audits in the 2020 FBT year. 

Our seminar will cover all of these key developments under the following headings:

  • What's NEW for FBT in 2020?
  • ATO audit crackdown in the 2020 FBT year – Who’s in the firing line?
  • Car Fringe Benefits – Avoid costly mistakes
  • Meal Entertainment – Made simple, no mistakes
  • A practical guide to the car parking rules – Mistakes will be costly
  • Advanced Salary Packaging and FBT Planning Strategies that Save $'000s

PLUS, all attendees receive FREE SOFTWARE!!!


Attendees at our FBT seminar will receive comprehensive seminar notes written in an easy-to-understand style containing numerous practical examples and case studies.

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Additional Delegates$525.00
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First Delegate$669.00
Additional Delegates$625.00

Note(*): Non member registration includes 3 months full membership and will commence once you have attended the seminar

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