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Deceased Estates 2019

The NTAA's Deceased Estates seminar 2019 will delve into all the KEY tax and associated issues that must be dealt with when a client passes away.  We will also provide guidance on the many planning strategies available to maximise the wealth transfer to the next generation. 

The seminar notes will be loaded with Checklists to help you methodically work through many of the issues involved in estate planning as well what to do when a client dies and the preparation of the necessary tax returns. 

With lots of detailed practical discussion and examples as well as practical tips and traps, this seminar will help ensure you are well placed to assist clients with their estate planning needs.

Major Topics Include:

  • Preparing the Deceased’s Date of Death Tax Return
  • Preparing the Deceased Estate Tax Return
  • The CGT consequences of death
  • Specialist Issues for Deceased Estates
  • Planning with Testamentary Trusts
  • Passing on Control of Family Entities 
  • Customising a Will to Meet the Client’s Needs

Attendees at our Deceased Estates 2019 seminar will receive comprehensive seminar notes written in an easy-to-follow and practical style with numerous examples, case studies and checklists.

This seminar will be running alongside our Tax Hot Spots seminar 2019 . Click here for more information.

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First Delegate$569.00
Additional Delegates$525.00
Non Members 
First Delegate$669.00
Additional Delegates$625.00

Note(*): Non member registration includes 3 months full membership and will commence once you have attended the seminar

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