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2020 FBT Basics Online Seminar

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Pre-order now for an early October release. 

Our FBT Basics Online Seminar has been updated for the 2020 FBT year.

This seminar is designed to take the guesswork out of FBT.  We remove the technical jargon, and focus on the compliance issues that payroll clerks, accounts staff, HR managers and accountants may face.

We have designed this seminar for both FBT novices, and those looking for a refresher, to get up to speed with the fundamentals of fringe benefits tax and salary packaging strategies.

It's the perfect precursor to our popular annual FBT seminar which is scheduled to run at our usual venues around the country from late February to the end of March 2020.

If you are looking for a FBT fundamentals online seminar our latest FBT Basics has been designed, written and presented with you in mind.

Topics include:

  • FBT rates and thresholds
  • A basic introduction to FBT
  • Reportable employer super made easy
  • NTAA guide to the rules for car benefits
  • Using exempt benefits to save employers $'000s
  • Reportable benefits
  • A practical guide to the different types of fringe benefits
  • FBT-rebatable and exempt employers

The seminar also covers salary packaging, including:

  • Principles of salary packaging
  • Packaging for FBT-exempt and rebatable employers
  • Massive savings for employees earning less than $180,000
  • Salary packaging cars

You will have 30 days to watch this seminar, but the timer won't start until you commence the video.

Price includes comprehensive notes, software including the NTAA’s Salary Sacrifice Calculator, plus the Declaration and Car Kits and one FREE call to our Tax Hotline.

Please note: This online seminar does not include the FBT Return Form Preparer software

For an additional $20 you can receive a hard copy of the seminar notes. Click here to purchase the Online Seminar with printed notes.