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FBT 2017 Notes

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The NTAA's 2017 FBT seminar notes put accountants and bookkeepers 'in the know' in relation to key developments for the 2017 FBT year, including, the recent overhaul to the meal entertainment rules (that apply from 1 April 2016) and the ATO's crackdown on employees receiving benefits from customer loyalty programs (e.g., frequent flyer).  

Our seminar notes also cater for FBT-taxable, FBT-rebatable (e.g., sporting clubs) and FBT-exempt (e.g., public hospitals) employers. 

Most importantly, the NTAA's 2017 FBT seminar notes are written in 'plain English' to ensure that anyone associated with preparing the 2017 FBT Return will be confident with the changes for the 2017 year.  These seminar notes have been specifically tailored for  accountants, bookkeepers, HR personnel and tax practitioners who are generally responsible for preparing the 2017 FBT Return.

Major topics include the following:

  • Government overhauls the meal entertainment rules - Changes apply from 1 April 2016!
  • ATO announces landmark record-keeping concessions for the logbook method
  • ATO takes aim at employee benefits received under customer loyalty programs (e.g., frequent flyer)
  • Which benefits are under th ATO's audit microscope in the 2017 FBT year?
  • Significant changes to the reportable fring benefit rules from 1 April 2016
  • ADVANCED FBT planning strategies that SAVE employers and employees thousands of dollars

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