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Welcome to NTAA ADVICE

NTAA Advice is an association which has been formed to meet the needs of Tax Agents and Accountants who wish to provide quality financial advice to their clients.


It’s all about looking after Your Clients

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In a survey, 90% of our members believe that tax agents/accountants should be their clients’ first port of call for financial advice.

It’s Time – to take back your rightful position as financial adviser to your clients.   


Clients deserve and need financial advice designed to meet their specific needs – something that tax agents and accountants are programmed to provide.

It’s Time – to protect clients by giving advice that is focused solely on meeting their needs.


All tax agents/accountants with clients who have SMSFs need to provide limited financial advice to those clients in relation to Investment Strategies, Pensions and, soon, possibly even the establishment of an SMSF.

It’s Time – to set up a financial advice division in your practice – if you have not already done so – so you can continue to look after your clients’ SMSFs – as only you can!


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